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About Us

COMWEAL has been providing quality electrical components and services since 2002. The main products are Ethernet LAN module Jack and SFF connector. They are integrated LAN Transformer Module Connectors that designed to meet FCC and IEEE 802.3 requirements for optimize performance and isolation.

At COMWEAL, we respect the individual of talents and contributions for each employee. We want to create the working environment which people have the motivation to try new thing and practice with their creativity. Commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding for their performance, recognize the corporate objective and achieve the goals.

Our mission is to provide professional and reliable quality service for our customers and also company policy is based on honesty and integrity to all of our clients.

We are passionate and commit to customers by consistently providing the high quality service. In the past ten years, the total number of regular clients has increasing over 800. Our people are strongly motivated and driven to build the most competitive and excellent enterprise as our vision.

21 years

The company has been established for


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T : 886-2-87971255​

F : 886-2-87971355


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